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Improving the coffee and tea experience through all-natural, quality water is what we do. Our innovative bottle designs are a game-changer for coffee roasters around the world.

—Francini Retana
co-founder Taza Agua

I travel to Mexico several times a year – never felt good about filling up the coffee machine with tap water from the in room bathroom faucet. Read Taza Agua out of Costa Rica is marketing their coffee & tea water to luxury hotels in places like Mexico where the tap water might be considered iffy-this helps!

—Susan A.

Taza Agua has a Unique Bottle Design to Emphasize Its Relation to Coffee

Usually, water bottle designs intend to make a statement about the experience of drinking the water itself, but the award-winning Taza Agua bottle intentionally shifts the focus away from drinking water altogether. That's because Taza Agua is marketed as 'Coffee & Tea Water,' or water that should be used when brewing a cup of either of those hot beverages. As such, the Taza Agua bottles come with a cavity in the bottom that can securely hold a coffee pod.