Taza Agua bottled water from Costa Rica's volcanic springs

What is a Blue Zone?

A Blue Zone is an area where people are scientifically proven to live lives that are both longer and healthier. Costa Rica is known to be the home of one of only five Blue Zones in the world, located on the Nicoya peninsula. Many experts agree that the water source is largely responsible for Costa Rica’s Blue Zone.

In 2016, Costa Rica was once again voted the Happiest Place on the Planet. Not only are the people in Costa Rica healthy — they are also happy. At Taza Agua, we understand it’s no coincidence that the foundation for a healthier and happier life starts with the water. Taza Agua — feel the difference! Order today.


Taza Agua bottled water from Costa Rica's volcanic springs


What is Taza Agua?

Taza Agua is the world’s first company to bottle water exclusively for brewing coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Through our innovative bottle designs, we are able to match the best coffee, tea and cocoa with our natural, volcanic spring water to create a superior brew.

Why is your water different?

Our water is special, as it is both authentic and genuinely sourced. It comes from a natural location in the mountains of Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. We just collect it, and bottle it – nothing else!

Here at Taza Agua, we simply refuse to believe that anything unnatural can beat the pure water that we will always provide. Our water is not manipulated in any way, as adding or removing minerals and chemicals would simply strip it of its wonderful natural properties. Instead, our volcanic spring water has the perfect balance of magnesium and calcium, with the low sodium levels that professional coffee and tea brewers will tell you are an absolute necessity.

We truly believe that this makes our water the best, and the only choice for brewing delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolate. You can really taste the difference!

Where can I buy Taza Agua?

You can buy our water by contacting us at: betterwater@tazaagua.com

Who owns Taza Agua?

Taza Agua, Black Lava Coffee and Black Lava Cocoa are all subsidiaries of Costa Rica Water Coffee & Tea Co, a privately-owned company based in Costa Rica.

Can we arrange a tour of your bottling plant and favorite coffee & cocoa plantations?

Yes! With stunning views around our facility, we highly recommend a combined land and helicopter tour. Contact us at betterwater@tazaagua.com to find out more.

Why does it matter what water I use to brew coffee tea and cocoa?

Coffee, tea and cocoa make up just 2% of the beverage, with water making up the remaining 98%. For decades, farmers and roasters around the world have worked tirelessly to perfect the quality of their tea, coffee and cocoa beans. Consumers have focused on buying premium brands while taking water for granted. That sentiment is now beginning to change, as more and more people are learning that water is, without exception, the most important element in a great brew.

How will my coffee maker perform with your water?

Fantastically - never better! Think of it this way: you wouldn’t put cheap gas in your Ferrari. So why would you put cheap water in your expensive coffee machine? With our products, your coffee machine will last longer and produce a superior brew.

Who designed your bottles?

Our engineers and designers at our parent company, Costa Rica Water Coffee and Tea, designed all of our patent pending first-to-market bottle designs.

Taza Agua / Costa Rica Water Coffee and Tea patent pending first-to-market bottle designs


Improving the coffee and tea experience through all-natural, quality water is what we do. Our innovative bottle designs are a game-changer for coffee roasters around the world.”

Francini Retana
—co-founder Taza Agua

I travel to Mexico several times a year – never felt good about filling up the coffee machine with tap water from the in room bathroom faucet. Read Taza Agua out of Costa Rica is marketing their coffee & tea water to luxury hotels in places like Mexico where the tap water might be considered iffy-this helps!”

—Susan A.

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Our water in one of our award-winning bottle designs, along with pods of our:

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By matching your coffee, tea or hot chocolate with our premium water, and in our bottles, you will control the integrity of your offerings and maintain a competitive edge.

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