Better Water, Better Brew

Making the best coffee in the world requires the best water. Our pure, natural volcanic spring water comes from the stunning mountains of Costa Rica.

Taza Agua Water

The purest, most brew-worthy water out there. Bottled at the source.


Water & Coffee Combo

The best of both worlds: Our pure, volcanic spring water, paired with premium Costa Rica coffee pods.


Java Agua Energy Drink

On the run and looking for that caffeine kick? Natural energy without the aftertaste.



The freshest, sustainability farmed coffee from Costa Rica.

Better Water,Better Brew

Making the best coffee in the world requires the best water. Our pure, natural volcanic spring water comes from the stunning mountains of Costa Rica.

Our Story

Taza Agua is the world’s first company to bottle water exclusively for brewing coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Through our innovative bottle designs, along with our all-natural volcanic spring water, we are able to control the most important elements of the brewing process, creating the perfect cup every time.

Not all water is created equal – especially when brewing great-tasting coffee or tea.

Water makes up 98% of every single cup. Experts around the world agree - great tasting coffee and tea always starts with the water.

Some tap waters have high levels of contaminants that just aren’t good for brewing, high-PH waters ruin the taste, and distilled waters? They don’t have the required minerals to bring out the desired taste and aroma of a good cup of coffee or tea.

At Taza Agua, we sought out to create the cleanest, freshest, most brew-worthy water out there, and that’s just what we did.

All Taza Agua water comes from sustainable sources far away from farming, modern development, and pollution and is free from microplastics and other contaminants that can harm you (and your cup of Joe). Our water is pure and not altered by machines.

In 2018, we are even changing the way our plastic bottles and coffee pods are made. Our innovative new plastic materials will turn to wax, lessening both your environmental footprint and ours.

At the end of the day, our goal is to give you the best water and the best cup of coffee or tea of your life – without harming the environment in the process.


Water & Coffee Combo

This all-in-one product gives you the best of both worlds: our pure, fresh volcanic spring water, matched with premium Costa Rica coffee capsules. Just remove the pod from the bottom of the bottle, place it in your Nespresso-type coffee maker, pour Taza Agua into the machine, and start brewing. You’ll never go back to any old water or coffee capsule again.

taza agua water coffee combo

About Our Water

The cornerstone of Taza Agua is our pure, all-natural water. Bottled in the mountains of Costa Rica, it’s untouched by man and untainted by chemicals and synthetic elements. It’s also naturally mineralized to promote improved cellular health, encourage cardiovascular fitness and provide anti-aging benefits. Taza Agua water boasts the ideal pH-mineral balance for brewing and drinking.


About Our Coffee

Bad coffee isn’t allowed in Costa Rica – literally! In 1829, a law passed that still stands today: Only premium, Arabica beans can be grown in Costa Rican soil.

And that’s exactly what you get with Taza Agua. All our coffee is home-grown in the pristine mountains of Costa Rica. We proudly offer different seasonal blends throughout the year, so check back often for new flavors.


Better Bottle, Better Planet

The mission

Taking care of the environment is something we can all agree on. At Taza Agua, we believe in doing our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

From preserving Costa Rica's beaches to pioneering earth-friendly plastics, we're working hard to protect the environment.

The plastic problem

Millions of plastic bottles and coffee pods are thrown away every day. Once disposed of, a regular plastic bottle takes up to 1,500 years to decompose. As is does, it leaves behind microplastics that kill marine life and pollute the world's drinking water.

Rethinking the water bottle

Our solution lies in limited-lifespan plastics. We've pioneered a new process that shortens the lifespan of our plastics by 98%.

In addition to the shorter lifespan, our innovative new plastic bottles and coffee pods biodegrade into wax, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Just The Facts
About Coffee & Water

We tend to take water for granted, but it’s really quite an amazing thing. Making up most of our bodies, a large chunk of the world and, yes, even the majority of our coffee, it’s one of the most important elements around us.

Here are some of our favorite water and coffee facts:

  • Water is 98% of every cup of coffee and tea. In 2017, consumers started to shift their focus to the 98%, and more coffee drinkers began using premium waters in the brewing process.
  • Some water is better than others. A study conducted in 2017 by Orb found microplastics in 94% of the world’s tap water. The U.S. was the biggest culprit.
  • Costa Rica’s coffee is tops – by law. Costa Rica is the only country in the world to have an executive order that bans the growth and production of any variety of coffee other than Arabica. Robusta, the world’s second-most common coffee variety (considered inferior to Arabica), is strictly prohibited. Bad coffee is quite literally against the law in Costa Rica.

We proud to call Costa Rica our home – and the birthplace of our products. The country generates more than 99% of its power using renewable energy, and its people are often cited as some of the happiest on earth. There’s no doubt our premium coffee and pure water have something to do with it.